“During the forty years that I led you through the wilderness,

your clothes did not wear out, nor did the sandals on your feet.”

– Deuteronomy 29:5 (NIV)


Daily Meditation: Deuteronomy 29, Proverbs 19


Most parents don’t want to be seen as heavy disciplinarians. Yet, as a parent, there were times when I had to discipline my children, not because I no longer loved them, but because I loved them so much. No doubt you remember the story of the children of Israel. For 40 years, they wandered in the desert. Had God abandoned them? No. God never left them, not even in the midst of their disobedience and rebellion. Look at his blanket of love over the situation:


  •   God was displeased with them, yet he fed them.
  •   He was angry with them, yet he clothed them.
  •   He wanted to destroy them, yet he kept their sandals from wearing out.
  •   They were in the wrong, yet he gave them water to drink.
  •   They sinned, yet he stayed with them.


Love and discipline go together like chocolate and peanut butter, but we often see them as oil and vinegar, two things that don’t mix. The problem with our viewpoint occurs when we look at love and discipline from a human perspective. Although, sadly, some people do tend to withhold love when they are disciplining their children, that is not the case with God. He does the impossible even while he is disciplining us: his love for us never changes or falters, not even when he is disappointed in us and is applying his divine discipline to nudge us back to him! That truth brings me such peace and appreciation, and it’s one more reason why he is worthy of my trust and devotion!


“God is interested in developing your character. At times He lets you proceed,

but He will never let you go too far without discipline to bring you back.

In your relationship with God, He may let you make a wrong decision. Then the Spirit of God causes you to recognize that it is not God’s will. He guides you back to the right path.”

– Henry Blackaby



Be fearless: Love is something we all want and need. Thankfully, God is our perfect model in all things love-related. He loves us perfectly 24/7, even when that love involves discipline! Know that his love never changes, even in the middle of tough times, and even if you have caused the difficult situation you’re in. Let that reality comfort your soul.



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Julie Clinton, MAd, MBA, is president of Extraordinary Women and host of EWomen conferences all across America. She is the author of several books including A Woman’s Path to Emotional Freedom, 10 Things You Aren’t Telling Him, and Extraordinary Women. She is passionate about seeing women live out their dreams by finding their freedom in Christ. Julie and her husband, Tim, live in Virginia with their children, Megan and Zach.