“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)


Daily Meditation – Psalm 107, Psalm 108


Life seems to have a way of throwing us curve balls, sometimes at what feels like the absolute worst moment. Sometimes these curve balls are minor annoyances or events that become funny with time, but at other times there is nothing minor or humorous about what comes our way. The death of a loved one. A car crash. A cancer diagnosis. Deep disappointment.


When our world gets rocked, it can be hard to hope for the future. It’s easy to get angry, resentful, or even bitter – anxious about what happens next.


Proverbs 31 describes the worthy woman in verse 25 as being able to (depending on the translation) “laugh” or “smile” at the future, as she is clothed in strength and dignity. How can we put on a cloak of strength and smile at the future?


We can start by reminding ourselves of God’s goodness, omniscience, and love for us.


  • God is good. Psalm 106:1 reminds us to praise the Lord for His goodness. He alone is


  • Good is omniscient. God is all knowing. While we may not understand a current or past trial, the Lord sees all. He knows how to work any situation for our good.


  • God loves us. God is love, and his love for us is expressed over and over in scripture. God expresses his love in many ways, but the epitome of his love for us is shown in sending his only son to die for us.


  • God is our father. His love for us is the protective and tender love of a perfect parent.


 “I’m never alone

You’re a good, good father

It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are

And I’m loved by you”

– Chris Tomlin “Good Good Father”


Be fearless: He will… he IS… seeing you through. Hold on!


by Julie Clinton & Dina Jones

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clinton-julieJulie Clinton, MAd, MBA, is president of Extraordinary Women and host of EWomen conferences all across America. She is the author of several books including A Woman’s Path to Emotional Freedom, 10 Things You Aren’t Telling Him, and Extraordinary Women. She is passionate about seeing women live out their dreams by finding their freedom in Christ. Julie and her husband, Tim, live in Virginia with their children, Megan and Zach.